Chicken Vege Stripes


Choices of dog-friendly vegetables, combining the high protein meat of chicken, provide a mixture of different kinds of nutritions, vitamins and minerals.

In every pack there is a selection of 3 choices of seasonal vegetables, so you will get all the flavours and nutritions in one pack without the hassles of choosing. Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats

Ingredients: Chicken (China), Carrot (Australia), Sweet Potato (Indonesia), Choi Sum (Hong Kong)

Dehydrated in low temperature. Preserving most nutritions and enzymes.
All Natural, No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Additives or colours

Best consume within one month once opened as there is no preservatives
Can last up to 6 months if unopened
Keep in dry and cool place or even better keep in the fridge and don’t forget to reseal the bag properly!

Chicken Vege Stripes
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