Aus Grass-fed Beef Heart (flake/powder)


More nutrition than meat but contain similar fat and cholesterol. Heart is a good source of iron and zinc, but not as good as liver and kidney. However compare with other offal, less chance infected by pollution.

Offal is a vital part of a homemade dog food diet, it has many nutrients in excess of what just plain meat

The appropriate proportion of offal in a homemade diet should be around 10% of a dogs daily intake by weight

For example﹕
In a balanced diet, offal should be 10% . Base on 200g of meat in a meal,offal should be 10% that is 20g,equal to 4-5g after dehydrated

Ingredient: 100%  Grass-fed Beef Heart (Australia)

Daily usage: 5g (around 2 pieces) base on 10 kg body weight

(Photo shows 40g)

Dehydrated in low temperature. Preserving most nutritions and enzymes.
All Natural, No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Additives or colours

Best consume within one month once opened as there is no preservatives
Can last up to 6 months if unopened
Keep in dry and cool place or even better keep in the fridge and don’t forget to reseal the bag properly!

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