Pet Mooncake Mix


Make your own mooncakes for your fur baby! Suitable for both dogs and cats!
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Give your furry friend a taste of the UK with this year's mooncakes. The mooncakes are made using commonly found fresh British ingredients, which are cooked and then freeze-dried.

Just add water to make! Super easy. There are 4 flavors to choose from.

Package Contents:

  • Mooncake pastry: 1 pack
  • Mooncake filling: 1 pack
  • Mini Egg Yolks: 4 pieces
  • Coconut oil: 1 bottle
  • Instruction Sheet: 1 piece

*This product only includes the mooncake mixes and ingredients and not baking tools. If you need baking tools (including the mooncake mold), please purchase our DIY Pet Mooncake Kit!

Flavour Options and Ingredients:

  • (Pink) Salmon: Scottish salmon (rich in omega-3), British broccoli, selected farm sweet potatoes, Indonesian purple sweet potatoes, red beets
  • (Purple) Turkey: British turkey (less than 2% fat), Indonesian purple sweet potatoes
  • (Orange) Beef: British grass-fed beef (less than 5% fat), British broccoli, selected farm sweet potatoes, Indonesian purple sweet potatoes
  • (Yellow) Lamb: British lamb leg meat (less than 5% fat), British broccoli, selected farm sweet potatoes

Other ingredients: British potatoes, organic coconut flour, British free-range chicken eggs, organic coconut oil, organic flax seeds

  • Each package can make 4 individual mooncakes.
  • The unused package can be stored at room temperature, and refrigeration is only necessary after the mooncakes are made.
  • You only need to prepare warm water and a small amount of cooking oil (for greasing the mooncake mold) to make them.
  • In addition to baking in oven, you can also use an air fryer. Done in about fifteen minutes!
  • Remember to let the mooncakes to cool before serving them to your furry friend.
  • Once packaged, they can be refrigerated for several days or given as gifts to friends.

We also have video tutorials, so even those with less baking experience can do it!

What if you don't have an oven? An air-fryer would also work!

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Pet Mooncake Mix
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