Pet Mooncake Mix

Just add water and you can make the mooncake now~
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Mooncake Mix:

Each set can make 4 pcs of mooncake, can choose any one flavor below:

  • (Pink) Salmon n Sweet Potato﹕US wild Salmon fish,Sweet Potato,Beetroot (for coloring purpose)
  • (Purple) Tuna n Purple Sweet Potato﹕Tuna,Purple Sweet Potato
  • (Orange) Duck n Sweet Potato﹕Duck,Sweet Potato
  • (Yellow) Turkey n Pumpkin﹕Australia  Turkey,Pumpkin﹐Turmeric
  • (Black) Kangaroo n Sweet Potato﹕Kangaroo,Sweet Potato,Black Sesame
Other ingredients: Potato, Organic coconut Flour, Organic Flaxseed, Eggyolk
Only need to prepare warm water and some cooking oil (for brushing the mold) for making the mooncake

All ingredients are well cooked or eatable without cook, however we still suggest you to bake them for better flavor and make the mooncake firm especially you are not eating immediately of make it as a gift.
We will also provide the video to show you how to make it. You can do it without any experience.


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Pet Mooncake Mix
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