Bully Stick (XL)


Bully Stick is a longer lasting chew compared to beef tendon and same as beef tendon it promotes dental health and help to remove plaque and tartar.

Though it is tough, it is not hard as deer antler or bones which can be harmful to the teeth and gum. A natural dental care treat for your beloved ones!

We made them in different sizes to suit the needs of different size of dogs, here is some example:

  • Medium: Thin, recommended for small breeds (around 20kg) such as poodle
  • Large: Thick, recommended for medium breeds (around 10kg) such as shiba
  • Extra Large: Very Thick, can chew for over hour, recommended for large breeds (around 30kg) such as samoyed, husky

Ingredient: 100% BullyStick (Argentina)

(Photo shows Extra Large size, 1 piece at around 60-80g)

Dehydrated in low temperature. Preserving most nutritions and enzymes.
All Natural, No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives, Additives or colours

Best consume within one month once opened as there is no preservatives
Can last up to 6 months if unopened
Keep in dry and cool place or even better keep in the fridge and don’t forget to reseal the bag properly!

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Bully Stick (XL)
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